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Let's Read Japanese Fairy Tales


Overview | Introduction | Quest/ The Task | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits and References
Quest/ The Task

Your task is to become an expert on Japanese culture. This will be done by reading Japanese Fairy Tales.  But first, before you research and read Japanese fairy tales, you will be assigned a partner by your teacher. When you have been assigned a partner, begin researching many different Japanese fairy tales. You should find one fairy tale which is different from your partner. Once you have found one that you like, you should read it to yourself.  After you read and understand the Japanese fairy tale you need to summarize the fairy tale and e-mail your summaries to your teacher and classmates.  This is an important point because you are working on your reading and writing skills. 


Once you have summarized the fairy tale, you need to find out information about Japanese culture that relates to your fairy tale so you can compare the two. Therefore, you have to become an expert in some aspect of Japanese culture.  You and your partner will need to pick a role, one that you will play in order to find out more about Japanese culture.  Once you have found this information, you need to summarize it and present it to the class.  It is important that you become an expert and summarize well because your advice will be necessary for the final project.  The final project is a play that the entire class creates based on Japanese culture and Japanese fairy tales.


Your teacher will assign you and your partner to one of the following roles:


  • Japanese Historian
  • Japanese Geographer
  • Japanese Chef
  • Japanese Culture Expert




The following Web sites are for Japanese Fairy Tales:



The following Web sites are for your Role Play:




Taketori Monogatari