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Let's Read Japanese Fairy Tales


Overview | Introduction | Quest/ The Task | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits and References

This is the page that illustrates all the processes that would be gone through for this WebQuest. (Teachers: Please explain the process that the students will go through to your students when necessary.)
The students spend 50 minutes in the ESL classroom every school day.



Pre-Computer Activities:


Step #1


Elicit from students questions such as the following:Do you know what a fairy tale is? What are some of your favorite fairy tales from your culture?  What are your favorite characters in fairy tales?


Step #2:


Read the fairy tale Cinderella.


Step #3:


Each student takes a turn reading a page aloud to the classmates from a fairy tale from his or her culture.  These books should be from the teachers library.


Step #4:


The teacher will read a Japanese fairy tale to the class.


Step #5:


The teacher will begin to activate each students knowledge by asking questions about the fairy tale and the difference between cultures.






Week 1:


Day 1:

This first class for this assignment will spend the first 20 minutes activating prior knowledge of fairy tales. The last thirty minutes will be spent reading Cinderella and discussing and summarizing that fairy tale. Students leave the class with the assignment to think about fairy tales from their cultures.

Day 2:

The teacher begins the class by asking questions about fairy tales from their different cultures. The students will research fairy tales from their cultures with the Internet and the ESL library. The students will chose one fairy tale from their culture to read aloud to the class.

Day 3 and 4:

The students should read the chosen fairy tale aloud to the class.  Spend time discussing the fairy tale after each student reads it aloud to the class.

Day 5:

Introduce Japanese Fairy Tale Momotaro by reading aloud to the class. After reading, ask questions about the fairy tale. Elicit comments about the difference between Japanese fairy tales and culture. Point to Japan on a map.  Discuss their prior knowledge of Japan in general.



Week 2:


Day 1: 

Place the class into groups of two. Have groups log onto the WebQuest. At this point, the students will begin researching Japanese fairy tales. The students will be asked to find one Japanese fairy tale they would like to read, summarize, and present. Have the students read the fairy tale as homework.

Day 2:

The students will summarize the fairy tale on MS Word. They email each summary to all the classmates and teacher.

Day 3:

The students will spend the day reading and giving feedback to fellow classmates using the MS Word function and email. As homework, have the students write their own final summary.

Day 4:

Collaborate with partner comparing their summaries and creating one summary for group presentations. 

Day 5:

Make posters for presentation using clip art and paint.



Week 3:


Day 1: Have the students work on the presentations.

Day 2: Presentations

Day 3, 4, and 5: Log onto WebQuest assignment and begin assignment.



Week 4:


Day 1, 2: Work on final class fairy tale play.

Day 3: Practice 30 minute play

Day 4: Play

Day 5: Celebrate play with Japanese food and guests.